What can happen to me with a judgment in Florida?

1) Garnishment of Wages

A judgment creditor in Florida has the power to garnish a percentage of your wages. Under this situation, the judgment creditor garnishes your money directly from your employer under state law.

2) Levy/Freeze/Take your bank account(s)

In Florida a judgment creditor can levy your bank account.  This means they may be able to forcibly take some or all of the money you have in your bank account pursuant to state law.

3) Seize any “non-exempt” property from you

A judgment creditor in Florida can force the sale of any non-exempt property that you own.  This means that, without your approval, non-exempt property can be taken from you and sold to pay off the judgment creditor.

4) Put the judgment on your credit report

A judgment is usually reported as a “public record” on your credit report. This reporting may severally damage your credit history and is often very difficult to remove from your credit report, even if you later settle the judgment and obtain a release.

So what can you do?

  1. Fight the Lawsuit
  2. I charge a FLAT FEE to fight collection lawsuits.  I also offer payment plans as described below.  The creditor may dismiss the lawsuit if they are forced to prove their case.  If they do not dismiss often times settlement is a better option.

  3. Debt Settlement
  4. I may be able to assist you with settling this debt and other debts for a substantial reduction in what is owed.  Settlement reduces the risk of going to trial and it may improve your credit rating if the debt is currently reporting as a collection account.

  5. Bankruptcy

If you qualify for Bankruptcy, it would stop the lawsuit and most likely discharge all of your credit card debt.  This is often the best solution if you anticipate multiple lawsuits on multiple debts.  A chapter 7 Bankruptcy will allow you a fresh start.

What are the Fees?

There is NO CHARGE for a phone consultation to discuss your situation.  Please call me now at 800.220.4318.

After reviewing your situation I will generally quote you a FIXED FEE.  This means that you will not have to worry about paying an hourly rate and you will know exactly how much it will cost to hire me for this lawsuit.  I also have a variety of payment plans as low as $250.00 per month.

What Cities in Florida does Weston Legal support?

Michael Weston provides Debt Lawsuit Defense in all cities of Florida, USA.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have about this lawsuit. 

Call now before there is a judgment!  800.220.4318

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