FIA Card Services N.A.

FIA Card Services is also known as Bank of America.  They obviously issue thousands of credit card accounts but what people don’t know is that sometimes they sell the debt to debt buyers and other times they keep the debt.  Often they will keep the debt and file collection lawsuits in Florida.

Often, the first you may hear from them is when a process server shows up at your door with paperwork from the court, and advises you that you are being sued by FIA Card Services.   Other times they may call you and try to collect on the debt for months or years.

What to Do When Your Receive a Lawsuit from FIA Card Services?

The most important things to do, is to consider retaining a debt defense law firm on a flat fee.   Unfortunately, most people who are sued do not respond to a summons, and leave themselves open for having a default judgment issued to FIA Card Services by the court.

Once FIA Card Services has a default judgment they can:

  • Garnish wages.
  • Put a lien on a home.
  • Freeze bank accounts and any money in the account.


At this point you'll likely need a lawyer to try and get the default judgment reversed or settled.

Verification of Your Debt

FIA Card Services should be required to validate the debt but in order to get them to do this in a lawsuit you must send a request for production pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

If you have been served with a collection lawsuit by FIA Card Services, contact Weston Legal.

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