Midland Funding, LLC Lawsuit in Florida

Midland Funding LLC is known as one of the largest collectors of credit card debt in the United States.  They routinely file collection lawsuits in Florida.  They have a reputation for buying enormous amounts of junk debt which includes cell phone bills, medical bills and credit card bills. If you are in default on any of these bills, you may find yourself being served with a lawsuit.

Why You Should Answer a Lawsuit Immediately

When you are served a summons by Midland Funding, the worst thing you can do is ignore the lawsuit. Midland Funding WANTS you to ignore the lawsuit, because it allows them to go back to the court, and when you don't show up they can ask for a default judgment against you. This means you lose without a fight.

A default judgment allows them to proceed to seize funds from your bank account and garnish your wages, amongst other things. Since they buy your debt for pennies of what it's really worth, any money they get, before you get the default judgment overturned, usually means a hefty profit for them.

Defenses to Midland Funding Lawsuits in Florida

If you have been served in Florida with a summons from Midland Funding, you should contact a debt defense law firm.  Midland funding like many other debt buyers may be engaged in the following activities:

  • Filing lawsuits that are fraudulent and inaccurate.
  • Filing lawsuits against people who are not the owners of the debt.
  • Filing lawsuits that are past the statute of limitations for Florida.
  • Not having proper documentation for the debt they say you owe.


All of the above, if true, need to be proved to the court.  Many times the debt is yours however it still may be possible to work out a settlement for a significant discount. 

Contact Weston Legal today if you have received a summons from Midland Funding, LLC in Florida.

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