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Have you received a summons from Hodges, Avrutis & Foeller, and you don't recognize the name? This probably means your credit card debt has been sold to a third party debt collector who is now suing you.

Third party debt collectors buy old debt for mere pennies, with the hope of receiving a good return on their money by collecting from you. The law firm of Hodges, Avrutis & Foeller is well known in Florida as an aggressive collector of debt. Often the first you hear of them is when you receive a summons to appear in court.

When You Receive a Summons

The first thing you should do when you receive a summons is prepare to file a response. If you don't challenge it within 20 days, they will return to the court and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you.

A default judgment means your wages can be garnished, liens put on property and bank accounts drained, to pay your bill. Fighting a default judgment is difficult so the time to act is before a judgment is entered.  Even if there is a judgment you should take protective action.

If you have received a lawsuit from The law firm of Hodges, Avrutis & Foeller contact Weston Legal.

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