Law Offices of Erskine & Fleisher Florida Lawsuits

Erskine & Fleisher is a collection law firm that files collection lawsuits against Florida Consumers.

Are You Being Sued by Erskine & Fleisher?

This means someone showed up and served you with a summons to appear in court to answer a lawsuit. The worst thing anyone can do is ignore this type of summons.

If you ignore the lawsuit and a default judgment is entered, this gives them a way to collect money by garnishing your wages, putting liens on your property and taking any money that's currently in your bank account.

Make Erskine & Fleisher Prove the Debt Belongs to You

The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure can be used to have the creditor validate this debt.  However, the rules are complicated and generally require the assistance of an attorney.  If you have received a collection lawsuit from Erskin & Fleisher contact Weston Legal.

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