CACH, LLC Lawsuit in Florida

CACH, LLC is a national debt buyer that purchases old debt from credit card companies. They purchase this debt for mere pennies, with the hope of collecting from you and returning a sizeable profit for their company.

The Summons

Many times a debt collection company will skip the phone calls, and immediately have a summons issued telling you to appear in court. In Florida, most of people who receive a summons will ignore it, and yet this is the worst possible thing to do. This is exactly what CACH, LLC is hoping will happen.

If you do not appear in court to answer the summons the court will likely grant CACH, LLC a default judgment against you. This can result in:

  • Money being seized from your bank account.
  • Your wages being garnished.
  • Personal property being seized and sold.
  • A lien clouding title your home.


If you've been sued by this company, you should contact a debt defense law firm.

Here is the contact information for CACH LLC

4340 South Monaco, 2nd Floor,
Denver, CO 80237
Telephone Number for CACH, LLC

Credit card debt is regularly sold to collection companies, and often it's very old debt that's been sold for pennies on the dollar. Because the debt is old, it may be past the statute of limitations for Florida. The statute of limitations begins from the time you last made a payment on the debt.

Validating the Debt

One of the most common reasons for having a summons dismissed asking for the debt to be validated during the discovery process. You may even find that this is not your debt or that CACH does not have adequate documentation to prove the debt.

Credit card companies may not give companies such as CACH, LLC, the necessary paperwork to validate that you are the owner of the debt. As well, we'll ask them to account for the debt from the day the credit card was received.

If you have received a summons from CACH in Florida, Contact Weston Legal.

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