Sun Trust Bank Lawsuit in Florida

Sun Trust Bank is a company that issues credit cards to customers. When you default on your credit card they will then attempt to collect on your debt. Should this prove to be unsuccessful, they will likely proceed to have a summons issued against you in the Florida Courts.

At Weston Legal we encourage you to answer the summons or bring it to our office for assessment. There are many ways to defend you against a summons. The one thing you should never do is to ignore a summons from Sun Trust Bank in Florida.

Ignoring a summons, as many  people do, usually means the bank will go back to court and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you. This can result in the court granting the judgment, which then allows Sun Trust Bank to seize your bank accounts as well as garnish your wages.

Here is the contact info for Sun Trust Bank

SunTrust Banks Inc.
303 Peachtree St. North East
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Telephone Number - 404-588-7711


If you have received a lawsuit from Sun Trust Bank in Florida contact Weston Legal for a consultation.

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