Accelerated Financial Solutions, LLC

Accelerated Financial Solutions, LLC is a third party collector of other company's credit card debts. This company purchases credit card debt for pennies on the dollar from different credit card companies, with the hope of collecting enough money from the debtor to turn a good profit.   They routinely file collection lawsuits against Florida Consumers.

Usually, the first you hear of this company is when someone comes to your door and serves you with a summons to appear in court. You're being sued by Accelerated Financial Solutions in Florida and have 20 days to answer the summons in court.

Unfortunately, many consumers will ignore a summons, which is about the worst possible thing to do. If you ignore the summons and don't show up in court, Accelerated Financial Solutions will return to court and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you.

If you have a default judgment against you, the company will now possibly be able to put a lien on your home, seize money from your bank accounts and garnish wages from where you are employed.

When you first receive a summons from this company, you should contact a debt defense law firm.   At Weston Legal we help people who have been sued for debt.  If you have received a collection lawsuit in Florida by Accelerated Financial Solutions contact Weston Legal.

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