Wells Fargo Bank Lawsuit in Florida

Wells Fargo Bank is a national bank but they are also a large issuer of consumer credit cards. Due to recent economic conditions, they now spend a lot of time trying to collect money owed on these credit cards, which are now in default. When your credit card debt with Wells Fargo Bank in Florida gets old enough, and has had no recent payments, Wells Fargo is likely to go to court and sue you for this debt.

Wells Fargo Lawsuit Defense

The most important thing to do, once you've been served a summons, is to get help from a debt defense lawyer. Under no circumstances should you ignore the summons. This is exactly what Wells Fargo hopes you will do, as it allows them to ask the courts for a default judgment against you.

Unfortunately, most of the borrowers ignore a summons, and the end result is the court granting Wells Fargo Bank a default judgment against them. Now they have the right to garnish wages and seize funds from the debtor's bank accounts.

If you are dealing with old credit card debt and being sued by Wells Fargo in Florida, contact Weston Legal for a free consultation.

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