Asset Acceptance, LLC Lawsuit

Asset Acceptance, LLC is a buyer of credit card debt who files lawsuits in the state of Florida, as well as across the United States. This company purchases third party debt for pennies, when credit card companies decide to write off their debt and sell it. They hope to collect on these debts, which for them, turns into a very profitable transaction.  They are a publicly traded company.

If you have been contacted by Asset Acceptance, LLC about old credit card debt in Florida, contact Weston Legal.   Sometimes this company tries to collect on debt which has passed the Florida statute of limitations. If this is the case, you may have a good defense to the lawsuit as well as other defenses.

Here is the contact information for Asset Acceptance:

Asset Acceptance Capital Corporation
Post Office Box 2036
Warren, Michigan 48090 2036
Telephone 1-800-545-9931

Your first notification that you are being sued may come in the form of a summons but it will most likely be from a local attorney.  It's important to consult a debt defense law firm to help you answer the summons. If you do not answer the summons they will go back to court and most likely receive a default judgment against you. Your answer has to comply with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure or it could be struck.

Another common litigation strategy is to ask for the legal paperwork in a request for production which verifies that you actually owe the debt. Sometimes these companies do not produce adequate documentation to prove debts. 

If you have been sued or contacted by Asset Acceptance, LLC in Florida about old debts, or debts you believe do not belong to you, contact our office for a free consultation.

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