Discover Bank Lawsuit Defense in Florida

Discover Bank routinely collects on their credit card accounts. Usually this involves them going to court and filing a lawsuit against consumers who have defaulted on their accounts.

Don't Ignore a collection lawsuit in Florida

Most people don't realize that ignoring a summons is exactly what Discover Bank is hoping you will do. In the United States most people will ignore a summons and by doing this, they often end up with more problems than they imagined.

When you ignore a summons, the credit card company can return to the court and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you. This usually results in:

  • Wage garnishments.
  • Frozen bank accounts, where your money is seized.
  • A lien being possibly put against your home.


If you have received a summons for old credit card debt, there are a number of ways we can defend you when you're being sued.

Respond to the Lawsuit

Responding to the lawsuit requires that you file a written response with the court pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  You should consider hiring a debt defense law firm to assist in the defense of any collection lawsuit you may be facing. 

Contact Weston Legal if you have been served with a collection lawsuit in Florida by Discover Bank .

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