Capital One Bank Lawsuit Defense in Florida

Capital One Bank is a national Bank extends credit to consumers in Florida.  When accounts go into default, Capital One will usually keep the debt and not sell it to a debt buyer.  They will then file their own lawsuits against Florida consumers.

Across Florida it has been argued that many people who have been issued a summons do not owe the debt, incorrect facts are presented or the debt may be past the Florida statute of limitations to collect on debt.

Here is the contact information for Capital One:

1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102-3491
Telephone 888-810-4013

If you receive a lawsuit from Capital One in Florida, it's important that you do not ignore it, especially if you believe you do not owe the debt or the amount being presented is incorrect. If you do not answer the summons, Capital One will return to the courts and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you. This means they will be able to garnish your wages and seize funds from your bank accounts.

If you have ignored the summons and a default judgment was issued, we may still be able to defend you and may be able to have it reversed and dismissed depending on the facts of your case.

Capital One must be challenged on the legal documentation that they must present in court to prove their case. Sometimes Capital One does not have the necessary documentation, or that they are many errors in what they present. Other times they produce adequate documentation and settlement should be considered.

If you have received a lawsuit or judgment from Capital One Bank in Florida please contact Weston Legal.


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