Patrick A. Carey, P. A. Lawsuits in Florida

The law firm of Patrick A. Carey, P.A. files collection lawsuits in Florida.  If you have received a collection lawsuit from them you need to take action.

20 Days to Respond - Challenge the Summons

The court will give you 20 days to respond to a summons. The law firm of Patrick A. Carey is actually hoping that you don't respond, as it allows them to return to court and be granted a default judgment. Once they have the default judgment from the court, they can proceed to garnish wages, file liens against property and seize funds from bank accounts to pay the outstanding amount of the bill.

Proving the Debt

A request for Production can be sent asking for validation of the debt.  However this type of validation procedure is different from that in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  This request for production must be done pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.

If you have received a collection lawsuit from Patrick A. Carey, P.A. contact Weston Legal.

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