Federated Law Group, PLLC Lawsuit in Florida

In Florida, given the current economic conditions, many people find themselves being sued by creditors like Federated Law Group for old credit card debt.

Federated Law Group is usually hired by a third party debt collector of credit card debt, to try and collect money that you owe on an old credit card balance.

Your credit card company has sold your debt which allows them to write it off their books.

Receiving a Lawsuit

The simple fact is, if you have been served with a summons in Florida, there really is no way to avoid it. You will be given 20 days to respond to the summons and if you do not respond, Federated Law Group will ask the court to give them a default judgment against you.

They pursue their cases aggressively, and once they have obtained a default judgment they can garnish wages from your employer, possibly put a lien against your property, freeze your bank accounts and seize any money that's available to pay your debt.

How Do I Respond?

You have to file a written response to the lawsuit pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.  Going at it alone is often a mistake.  You should consider hiring a debt defense law firm.

Can They Prove You Owe the Debt?

One common thing credit card companies do, when they sell debt in bulk to a third party debt collector, is not include all the necessary documentation, which proves you owe the debt, and not provide information that gives an accounting of how they arrived at the balance. Without this information, the debt can possibly be challenged in court.


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