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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

Credit card companies have become more assertive in pursuing debts recently.  Typically, credit card companies will sell old debt to a collection agency, or they may file a lawsuit on their own.  Whether or not the old debt is sold to a collection agency, consumers are likely to end up with a lawsuit filed against them.

Consumers often try to defend the lawsuit themselves without hiring a lawyer to assist them.  If this happens, consumers often are left with a judgment against them for the original balance of the debt.  Even those without prior legal experience must follow the legal system and Texas Rules of Civil Procedure properly.  If the consumers decide to represent themselves in the lawsuit, the creditor is likely to prevail.  We charge affordable flat fees and offer payment plans.  Please call us to receive a free quote and let us look over your options.

We have defended consumers in numerous credit card lawsuits.  These lawsuits in Texas require knowledge of all the specific defenses applicable to defending credit card lawsuits.  One must know the original creditor, the court it was filed in, and the opposing attorney.

Please let us examine your lawsuit and determine the best course of action regarding your credit card debt.


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