Main Street Acquisition Corp. Lawsuits in Florida

Main Street Acquisition Corp. is a third party debt collector, who purchases old debts in bulk from credit card companies. Purchasing debt for pennies on the dollar allows them to earn a large profit, if they can get you to pay any money on your debt. Usually, the first that you hear from them about your debt comes when a process server knocks at your door and serves you with a summons.  Main Street Acquisition routinely files collection lawsuits in Florida.

Can I Ignore a Summons?

The worst thing you can do is ignore a summons from Main Street Acquisition Corp. You may not recognize the name, but your credit card debt has been sold to them. Ignoring a summons will simply land you in more trouble than you already are.

Few people realize that ignoring a summons is exactly what this company would like you to do. By ignoring the summons you're allowing them to return to the court, and ask for a default judgment to be issued against you. This means they will have the power to:

  • Garnish your income from your employer.
  • Have a lien put against your property.
  • Freeze funds in your bank account and remove your money.


When you receive a summons you should contact a debt defense law firm
The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure can be used to ask for a full accounting of how they arrived at the outstanding balance, and inform them we'll be asking for everything in court.

If you have received a lawsuit from Main Street Acquisition in Florida contact Weston Legal

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